Marketing to Mens vs Marketing to Woman

Definitely, the world changed, it's been a long time since things and the decisions that are taken have another direction...

marketing to mens vs marketing to womans

Definitely, the world changed, it’s been a long time since things and the decisions that are taken have another direction, surely our grandmothers would be scared see the things than different of before and that today, the tecnology producto, the cultura changes and the new requirements of the market do that all change to a velocity much more speed.

Until some years the reality was different, the habits, buy decisions and products, offered with strategy that not differentiated market segment, market strategies or market gender.

One of the most important point of the marketing was and is the market segmentation and with this the objective group definition to show the marketing material of the company. We was accustomed to segment the market with simples variables and the most of the time and for many products, is not considered attend the genders of different way, with different strategies and tactics to satisfy the some necessity of reach to the of different way, since as we know women and men are different and they has different way of acting, thinks, want and different ways of take decisions in the moment to buy. Nowadays, these different methods are more analyzed and the strategy takes more importance to effectively reach both genders.

According to various studies, combining genetics and learnings, and analizing why different behaviors and responses to stimuli occur, we can conclude that the womens and mens take decisions with diferents ways. (Alvarado Liliana, “Brainketing”, University of Applied Sciences (UPC), Perú, 2013)

Having clear that men’s and than women’s haven differents conducts and are different, we must doing studies of the market both Offline or Online where is investigated with greater precision in tastes, wishes, habits, preferencies, attitudes, designs, colors and differents packaging to men’s and womans segment, for this way of design strategies focused on each one separately, how much better we knwo to we consumers, easier to reach them, general experiences and emotions with the brand.

We think, we are, we act and of course we buy from diferent way, and taken into account today especially at the time of making decisions of what is offered to the market and how it is offered; the womans are more expresive, speak about their feelings and cry, conversely the men’s not speak about their feelings, rarely cry (cultural theme) and sometimes the resolve the things more actively, both of them have differents types of minds that influence in the way to perceive the reality and act.

We must plain them, that other of the evolutions of marketing is of happen of a macro segmentation, greater specificity and focused in the differentiation of gender, leading to a redefinition of the decissions of the strategy comercial of tradition marketing and of digital marketing that must be conceived from a study and analysis qualitative both men and womans.

We live in a society where exist a predominance of woman sex, they are a highly demanded product market, son who seek and have more information about what they want to acquire before making the purchase, besides being the first to emit comments positive or negative about the companies, brand and products; reason to pose new strategies differentiators of way greater inteligent, affective and emotionals.

Conversely, to the male gender we must are more precise, direct and generate more rational expereince with the products and the brands, in definitely, we will arrive to the point of have two diferent strategies to products that is covers the same need, but must are communicate and design the different way to men’s and woman’s. Other of the changes or the specialization the marketing, it is without a doubt, talking today about marketing for women and marketing for men.

To do this segmentation between men’s and woman’s, the better way is have a database of gender name to know what it the gender of your customers, to this, Name Gender Database have the better solution and the greater big gender list of the names of the world to build this segmentation.

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